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Kitchen and Storage

In the hotel and restaurant business, you need a variety of models, styles, ranges and, above all, quality. Our products are qualified to adapt in restaurants and hotels of the most diverse stylistic and decorative nature. But the main thing, in our selection of kitchen utensils is the resistance and functionality. This is the main section of cooking utensils for restaurants and catering businesses where everything you will find is professional manufacture, jars, containers, containers, small machinery, cooking accessories, isothermal boxes, hotplate lamps, refrigerator containers, shelves kitchen, non-slip carpets, cones for ice cream cones and much more.

  • Containers
  • Condiment pumps
  • Kitchen and frying pans
    In the kitchen of your food establishment or kitchen of hotels and institutions pots and pans are essential elements, are part of the factors that can completely change the nature and quality of their dishes. That is why at the time of cooking and the cookware consisting of pots and pans comes to play a central role, if you do not have the highest quality in these accessories this will be to the detriment of the final product. In our online shop catering sector and catering (horeca) we offer different sizes, designs and types of pans and pots for different types of cuisine.
  • Miscellaneous
  • Baking utensils
  • Small machinery
    In this section we offer all that type of accessories or small kitchen equipment that through manual action can help you or your team of cooks a lot of time and space. This type of small machinery facilitates the mechanical workings of the kitchen such as slicing potatoes, tomatoes and other types of vegetables, therefore, we put at your disposal in our store all this type of helpers such as peelers, fruit cutters, mandolins and can opener that with its precision and functionality will not disappoint you. In many less movements you can peel potatoes, cut into squares and prepare ingredients for your dishes.
  • Anti-fatigue mats
    For the floor, to avoid slippage and unnecessary fatigue in your work days we offer anti-fatigue mats. Its manufacture in soft but firm materials such as rubber, and holes that are equipped, these anti-fatigue mats encourage a natural movement and dynamic distribution of weight of workers to reduce the fatigue that could cause standing for long periods of time. On the other hand, anti-fatigue mats for the floor of the kitchen and the bar also prevent accidents because although the lower surface can eventually become slippery due to the liquids spilled there or the water vapor, the rubber of the carpets prevents the Worker can slide.
  • Knives
    Professional knives are tools that can not be dispensed with in the kitchen, in our store we offer a wide range of them so that they provide their restaurant and food establishment with the best quality. You can find here different styles by specialty of professional kitchen knives, from meat and fish to small to chop vegetables and other accessories such as peelers, emptying and elements to maintain the organization in the space of the chef. We offer knives for bread, knives to denervar, long knives for ham and butchers knives along with wooden handles and its respective sharpener.
  • Racks for Knives
    Knife supports are integrated into your kitchen quickly because they take care of the prevailing need to keep everything better organized and always at the hands of the chef and kitchen chef. With these supports of different models will have several possibilities of order and adaptability to the space of your kitchen knives most used in the preparation of meat, fish, vegetables and any other type of food. For example, with the magnetized bars for knives you can have them on hand magnetically attached to a vertical surface, preventing them from becoming disordered or lost. Knife racks also avoid any type of accident.
  • Chopping boards
    Professional cutting boards that are easy to integrate into any restaurant and buffet kitchen. We have different sizes and materials in specially treated kitchen tables to be able to cut meats, fish, spices, vegetables and more. Their coated materials make them ideal tables for intensive daily use for long periods without affecting their functionality, compete among the toughest accessories being manufactured in wood, plastic and more. In addition, we focus not only on the function but also on the design and aesthetics, therefore we include as many models as styles, so you can adapt it to the decoration of your kitchen and restaurant.
  • Utensils for pizza
  • Machine for rolling and cutting pasta
    We offer you the possibility to make and cut the pasta properly in the kitchen of your restaurant, thanks to the machines for rolling and making pasta that reflect the best Italian tradition. Making the pasta from scratch, with high quality ingredients will reach a level of qualification well above its competitors, because its the main core of your dish, which is pasta, will be 100% of your restaurant. Among the pasta machines we have different styles that you will like to discover, such as the machine for cutting pasta type tagliatelle, or spaghetti, cannelloni and ravioli. These last two are also filled with what could be best for you.
  • Thermometers
  • Infrared warmer lamps
    At counters, exhibitors, buffet meals and catering, we offer a simple and practical alternative to keep food hot without eventualities and without the need to light burners or keep burning the flame with no fuel. It is about the infrared warmer lamps that, with a specialized bulb provide the necessary heat to your dishes to maintain the temperature without burning or continue creating a cooking process in it. It is a simple solution for your buffet and catering that while the light bulbs are still lit your dish will not lose the necessary qualities to also maintain its flavor and appearance. They are infrared metal heaters.
  • Scales
    For the realization of dishes and drinks in the kitchen will always be very useful to have a good balance. In this section we offer mechanical scales for high quality restaurants, with stainless steel bases for different weight limits, we have kitchen scales up to 1 kilo, 4 kilos, 5 kilos, 20 kilos. We also make available digital scales of greater capacity perfect for greengrocers, fishmongers, delicatessens and other businesses, as they have screens that express weight accurately, their platforms are special for small quantities or large up to 30 kilos. Here you can buy scales or scales for restaurants.
  • Storage jars
    For the organization of your food and ingredients within the kitchen in the sector of catering and hospitality we offer you the present glass jars, a visibly aesthetic and functional alternative. As for the conservation of their food, these glass storage jars have different types of closure caps, most of them sealed so that no external agent can enter, thus creating the best conservation atmosphere in the most hygienic and safe way . Here you can choose a vast variety of jars according to their shapes and their types of closure, spherical, cylindrical, transparent, glass.
  • Stainless steel 18/8
    The stainless steel buckets are the most recognizable accessories within the elements of the buffet as it is these deep trays where food is deposited inside. Also, in its homologous use are the steel cuvettes for catering, where you can keep the food warm and even finish the cooking process just before people come with your dish to be served directly from the buckets. Finally, the stainless steel buckets are also used in counters and inside the kitchen to keep the ingredients organized and ready for the cooks.
  • Polycarbonate
    Polycarbonate cuvettes are simple alternatives to metal buckets. It is a type of plastic bucket, light and easy to wash and store, the most frequent use of which is in the contexts of the buffet and in food counters, especially prepared and frozen. The most interesting thing about these polycarbonate buckets is that they can be used above all to withstand cold temperatures of up to 40 degrees below zero. In this way, for frozen products, and industrial refrigerators are ideal. The conservation of food in polycarbonate buckets is the largest possible in the horeca sector.
  • Dishwasher racks
    Para utilizar el lavavajillas y sacar todo el provecho de sus funciones le ofrecemos cestas de plástico especializadas que podrá introducir allí y que gracias a sus orificios dejan pasar el agua y los restos de comida que este útil artefacto separa de su vajilla. Las cestas para lavavajillas también cumplen la función de poder expandir la capacidad interior y añadir más cubiertos, vasos, platos, boles, ensaladeras y todo tipo de accesorios del servicio de mesa. En los compartimentos de los racks para lavavajillas se encuentran diferentes tamaños que se adaptan mejor a lo que necesita. La organización es primordial cuando integra este tipo de suplementos para racks.
  • Insulated boxes
    Isothermal boxes and containers are high-strength containers made of the best quality materials that you can use if you need to transport food or drinks with great safety, especially for the catering and buffet services businesses. These isothermal boxes maintain the optimum temperatures of their food so that they do not lose their qualities when they are served, whether at an event, a celebration or inside a buffet. They are also used to store the ingredients inside your business and avoid the temperature changes that can damage them. Discover distributors of isothermal drinks, isothermal cupboards, containers, ice cart and more.
  • Shelves and Floor racks
    The organization of the kitchen space is paramount for the team of chefs, we put at your disposal to get metal shelves with their respective mounting accessories. Our shelves have different capacities of several shelves, ventilated and made of steel, which gives a virtually indestructible resistance. You will find here different measures of shelves for industrial refrigerators easy to install and with adjustable qualities. You can also place them in cupboards and spaces for the conservation of food for their use administered over time. We offer great advantages with these modular shelves, where you can distribute all the elements you need with great comfort.
  • Kitchen trolleys
    In this section you will find stainless steel carts ideal for collecting trays and dishes in restaurants. They are especially useful in food establishments where customers are served in trays and after eating they are deposited in these cars, especially in the buffets. We also offer these cars for room service, for cleaning because they are resistant, spacious and comfortable when it comes to carrying maintenance items as well as layering clothes and changing room towels. In this section, finally you will also find open wooden carts or work tables for workshops, with the same durability and quality.
  • Identification and filing of food samples
    The organization of food samples goes through a correct archiving methodology for this we offer different tools that will help you in this task in the most comfortable and practical way. In this category you can choose the utensils for archiving food samples so that you can keep a meticulous control of the ingredients that are dispensed in the kitchen of your restaurant. Quickly find what you are looking for thanks to the identifications such as the labels shown here as well as supports for wall modules in which you can safely organize your food. The best quality in safe identification of your kitchen and food items.
  • Take-away food transport
  • Electric Grinder - Sterilizer
    The knives that are used for meat or fish require a systematic and constant hygiene, for that reason the kitchen chef is responsible for keeping this subject under control. However, there is an accessory for the knife such as the sterilizer cabinet for 10 knives that ends up eliminating any trace of bacteria or meat that can be decomposed, putting at risk the viability of your premises and the quality of your dishes. We offer professional appliances for knives such as the aforementioned metal sterilizer but also an electronic sharpener, which is not only useful for knives but also for scissors and other gastronomic instruments.
  • Transparent containers
    There are several options for storing food under refrigeration, however, the most advisable are those that include transparent containers for refrigerators. This type of containers are plastic boxes that are prepared for the lowest temperatures, so that their food will be safe inside them while they are kept in the cold. We put at your disposal, likewise, different sizes depending on the needs of your restaurant or kitchen. For example, from the smallest polyethylene to the largest with capacity to hold 45 liters. These fridge containers also come in polycarbonate and with colored caps.

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