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Bar and Buffet

In our shop you will find an interesting range of accessories for any type of business in the hotel and catering sector, particularly in the case of the buffet. In our section of accessories for bar and buffet we put at your disposal everything you need for your establishment, from the basics such as cutlery, plates, crockery and ornaments as well as the most concrete as it can be a type of furniture, utensils for the Correct handling of food and drinks. In this sense we have bar and buffet instruments specifically designed for bartenders and cocktail bars, all the essential implements for any pub, brewery or bar.
  • Ham stands
    The ham holders are a type of indispensable accessory when it comes to offering sandwiches and tasting dishes of hams of the best quality. Contrary to having ham packed from the supermarket, one step ahead with these professional ham holders and have a differentiating factor in your business in the best way possible: offering cutting of ham, Iberian, acorn and high-end with a precise and professional cut . Also this ham shoulder support will maintain the ideal stability while your specialist makes the cut and depends on the model you choose will feature walnut and rotating elements for comfort.
  • Chafing Dish & Handy Fuel
    The buffet food heaters allow you to keep the food at an optimum temperature when serving at a buffet for an event, celebration or other type of meeting in which catering services have been contracted. With these heaters together with their respective fuel not only will not need electric power to heat the next dish to serve but you can easily carry it and transport between all the catering material without problems both the heaters and the fuel because the space it requires as well as its weight is minimal. Purchase this tool very useful for catering in our store.
  • Barman utensils
    The utensils for bartender is one of our most sought after categories as they come together in a wide variety of tools for the professional bartending and bar managers. Ice picks, corkscrews, bar knives for chopping lemons and other fruit and spices, tongs to extract ice, hand of mortar mixology to crush spices and aromatic plants. You will also find more professional tools such as special knives to extract lemon rind, colanders for cocktails, mixing glass for barman special for cocktails, fruit cutting boards, organizers of bars, ice picks. Find also covers, special glasses, and practically what you want in horeca sector.
  • Ice-cream scoops
    The ice cream shop also becomes an art when it is carried out correctly and professionally. Among the instruments that you will have to have without fail are the ice cream spoons, it is specialized tools of work in the ice cream sector that allow you to take precise portions without neglecting the presentation of the ice cream. In this way the person in charge of serving the ice cream will be able to offer the ideal service for one, two or three scoops of ice cream in cones, tubs and any type of support in which the ice creams are sold. They are ice cream spoons for easy storage, use and cleaning.
  • Drink measurers
    Especially for breakfast and buffet meals drink dispensers will find their ideal context. In our online store we offer you these useful measuring instruments to ensure that the customer or you serve the liquid contents of the bottles with greater comfort and restraint. These dispensers are already an important part of the context of the mixology, where the doses are almost measured to the millimeter by professional bartenders when making specific beverages, a controlled stream is ideal to create exactly the cocktail that is requested. It also happens with juices, milk, water and coffee in the breakfast buffet where every drop counts.
  • Glass washers
    Our category of brush for washing glasses provides you with an ideal option that will leave your glasses perfectly hygienic and clean to the millimeter. We want to make clear our deep intention to provide a truly comprehensive experience among our store of articles and catering and restaurant material, you can not only buy all the material you need in terms of household and decoration but also in maintenance and cleaning instruments such as these brushes to wash glasses. In addition, it will also serve to wash glasses inside and outside without that means a risk for glass or glass. The brushes have delicate bristles but of precise effectiveness.
  • Corkscrews & Bottle accessories
    The accessories for bottles are varied and functional, especially our category is made up of bottle openers, corkscrews, corkscrews and also their opposite counterparts, the plugs. But also, in the same way we add many other accessories such as paperboard collars for the identification for example of wine bottles in a tasting or tasting event, and other related instruments such as stainless steel wine spouts. Thus, you can choose in our present category different types of manual and professional precision corkscrews to add high quality horeca material to your catering and buffet material.
  • Ice crushers
    An ideal companion for your hand accessories or small appliances for cocktails and bars, are ice crushers, small mechanical devices that will help you to chop ice more easily and present your drinks and cocktails in the best possible way. We have different styles and prices, if you need a rather simple instrument that does not have a daily intensive use and likes simplicity you can opt for plastic or polypropylene ice crushers for slush, with manual handle and lower tank. If, however, your business relies on this tool every day and also seeks a design that is not entirely generic, we offer another type of ice crushers made of stainless steel with a completely different aesthetic character.
  • Citrus squeezers & Blenders
    The orange squeezers you need are here, resistant, durable and professionally made for daily use. This orange juicer is a very useful accessory for restaurants, buffets, bars, kitchens, it will help you to have on hand the amount of fresh natural juice freshly taken out whenever you need it to add either to add to a breakfast menu as to add to any drink or recipe that requires orange juice. In the hospitality industry this type of instruments is recommended to be of the best quality since its use is daily, so we offer the highest quality in this sense
  • Condiment containers
    In the context of the buffet and the kitchen, condiment dispensers will become essential elements for your work. With these dispensers, you will not only have the necessary condiments for your dishes on hand, but they will also help maintain an accurate order within your workspace. The organization also leads to cleaning, these dispensers are easy to clean themselves and also allow to be mobilized with any comfort when it comes to cleaning the space of the kitchen and the buffet. Another way to call food dispensers can be computers, and you will never lose sight of everything your chef needs.
  • Sauce & Juice dispenser
    The sauces dispensers can be used in the entire context of the kitchen, buffet and restaurants in general, it is material of different design and functionality that can not be missing from your order of horeca accessories. These are dispensers in cylindrical shapes and bottles that serve as a container for mustards, mayonnaise, alioli, ketchup but also for certain dressings for salads, oils, lemon for oysters. Especially when it comes to the latter, the pears for sauces or dispensers are used translucent plastic so that you can verify the sauce that is inside. In the case of typical hamburger and Frankfurt sauces, they will be red, yellow and white pears.
  • Jugs and Thermos
    Pitchers for coffee and milk special for catering, breakfast buffet, bars, bakeries, restaurants and kitchens of any institution. We put at your disposal all kinds of jugs and professional thermoses of different models and sizes, depending on the capacity you need for your business, here you can maintain the temperature of the drinks and thus retain all their qualities. Especially in the buffet they have a central importance since they keep the heat of the coffee or milk where it is most needed. Discover our stainless steel jugs and thermos for buffet, kitchens and bars and serve your drinks comfortably with resistant handles and beautiful aesthetics.
  • Buffet Dispensers
    The buffet dispensers are accessories that will always accompany your day to day in the catering and catering sector, you can always find them in the right place near or above the table, always available to your customers. For example, in our store, we wanted to provide the best variety in dispensers, pedestals, kettles, bases and other types of media that accompany their dispensers in the buffet, likewise the quality of their presentation will be linked to the safety and stability that offers all the structure of your buffet, serve comfortably, juices, cereals, broths, sauces, salt, sugar, maple, fruit, hot meals, cold buffet dispensers.
  • Buffet Displays
    In a buffet you always need accessories such as presenters or exhibitors who organize the table of food in an aesthetic and presentable way. In the context of catering, above all, the exhibitors play a fundamental role, round and square bowls, display baskets, wooden boards for chopping fruits, sausages such as cheese, chorizo, fuet, bases for sushi are some of the examples of presenters for buffet that we offer in our store. Discover also specialized tables such as the round ones for buffet pizza or the displays for small cones that give food to the diners in a suitable way in catering.
  • Trays - Acrylic dome covers
    Especially in the buffet-style restaurants as well as in the catering services there are accessories such as trays and acrylic domes that are essential. When food is transported from one place to another or even heated in situ and you want to maintain the temperature of the dishes you can provide the ideal solution with these polycarbonate domes. These are translucent domes that let you see the contents inside without necessarily being glass and, nevertheless, they emulate practically the same effect of care and aesthetics. Also in contexts such as its establishment, local or businesses such as bakeries, bakeries, sweetshops, our trays and acrylic domes acquire importance.
  • Displays for confectionery
    In the bakery it is very important to show and present the different products of the art of combining sugar with flour and biscuits. Your sweets will always be better displayed in displays for pastry than in generic displays, because, in some way, tarts, tarts, roscones, require a special structure. We have displays for cakes made of resistant materials such as metal, acrylic, steel, translucent boxes that show content such as cookies, cookies, candies, containers of different sizes with sloping floors for cakes. In the same way, we integrate into our offer elements of classic design such as display cases or bases for cakes in which you can also display muffins and muffins.
  • Acrylic mirrors
    The mirrors in the world of catering and buffet play an ornamental role and are used mostly in certain types of trays. We put at your disposal this type of trays and acrylic surfaces that reflect the food decoration that you decide to put on them with the function of giving an elegant aesthetic in marriages, anniversaries and special celebrations. In this section you will find mirror trays of different geometric shapes such as circular, square, octagonal rectangular, as well as other special designs such as ying yang shape. Specials for minimalist dishes and food pieces of great sobriety and cleanliness like Japanese food or canapés.
  • Fast Food trays
    The fast food trays are polypropylene surfaces or other light and resistant materials that serve their customers every day countless times. Your business, therefore, not only requires a good quality material for the catering and catering sector but also dynamic, versatile and easy to maintain accessories. In this way, the fast food trays that we have available for sale have elements such as texturized in the bottom so that the contents or edges easy to pick up with the fingers that give the clients the greatest comfort when it comes to collecting their order.
  • Non-slip trays
    In the catering service we advise you to have anti-slip trays, either for the waiter's safety or for the food it contains, with elements of design and manufacture that prevents what they carry from spilling due to the external movement of the surface. In our shop we offer trays prepared to transport or pose on all kinds of dishes and food containers, its anti-slip ability gives you superior security to the traditional trays of the world of catering and catering. Our anti-slip trays are made of fiber and come in different colors to adapt to the design and decoration of your establishment.
  • Crockery
    If your business, kitchen, restaurant or kitchen establishment needs accessories of earthenware, especially when it comes to serving certain types of tapas and snacks, you have reached the indicated online store. Here we try to always offer you that specific product that you are looking for due to its unique qualities, such as earthenware and clay bowls, so special to serve Catalan cream, soups, fabada, olives, cottage cheese, sweets, desserts and much more. Ceramic earthenware containers have the peculiarity of supporting different temperature changes and maintaining the quality of intact ingredients in this sense. On these containers you can pour different foods and apply heat in high gradation without problems.
  • Ice Bucket
    In this category you will know a wide variety of ice buckets and champagne makers suitable for any celebration and event. When it comes to buckets, it is usual for you to be looking for a container with at least one bottle along with the ice cubes. However we offer much more, buckets with handles, champañeras great aesthetics and luxury appearance. This type of ice buckets are also usual to keep white wine or house wine at a cool temperature in summer, near the table of diners who have requested this service. Discover our ice buckets, champagne and bottle cases.
  • Bar shelves
    The bar area is an area that must be organized and easily accessible, the bartender or the manager of the bar works considerably better when all the ingredients for the preparation of cocktails and drinks of different nature are all at your fingertips. That's why in our store of restaurants and bars we offer bar shelves, shelves for bottles and all kinds of accessories that can help your bar area stay organized in terms of bottles of rum, whiskey, gin, vodka and any other spirituous ingredient for everyday use in your beverage establishment.
  • Polycarbonate / San serving utensils
    Among the polycarbonate accessories we have integrated a wide variety of useful and everyday accessories in the context of the buffet, the kitchen and the restaurant. Service pieces for ice and salads, multi-use containers that can be used for sugar sachets, salt, pepper, impregnated wipes, buffet service spoons, perforated spoons, salad bowls, soup spoons for soups and broths, flat-nose pliers , ice shovels, measuring jars and much more. As you can see, it is not only about restoration but about all kinds of instruments that can also be useful in any hotel establishment or in institute kitchens, events and more.
  • Wrought steel Baskets
    Em vista da alta demanda e popularidade de tapas e salgadinhos que surgem da fritura em óleo quente, oferecemos todos os tipos de acessórios e material para fritar. Entre os nossos produtos que você vai encontrar desde o mais básico ao exemplo mais concreto disso são cestos, tigelas, corneta e recipientes utilizados, enquanto que, se você continuar a explorar no nosso catálogo dar a esse item distintivo e original que você precisa, cestos coloridos, cestas pequeno feito de arame ou plástico embelezado para dar o acabamento mais cuidadoso. Muitos dos acessórios de fritura que fornecemos aqui são ideais para locais de fast food e eventos de catering.
  • S. Steel Baskets
    Stainless steel is the most resistant and recommended material in your kitchen because it resists years of use and the ravages of time. We want to present in our store all types of baskets and steel containers, an ideal alternative for stability and cleanliness in the context of catering and catering. We have available different sizes of baskets, bowls, ramekins, colored ice buckets, minifreidoras and a wide variety of designs that will combine with the decoration of your place without problems, such as containers for tapas, sauces, snacks and all kinds of original proposals of decorative supports for your table.
  • Wrought steel Baskets
    Em vista da alta demanda e popularidade de tapas e salgadinhos que surgem da fritura em óleo quente, oferecemos todos os tipos de acessórios e material para fritar. Entre os nossos produtos que você vai encontrar desde o mais básico ao exemplo mais concreto disso são cestos, tigelas, corneta e recipientes utilizados, enquanto que, se você continuar a explorar no nosso catálogo dar a esse item distintivo e original que você precisa, cestos coloridos, cestas pequeno feito de arame ou plástico embelezado para dar o acabamento mais cuidadoso. Muitos dos acessórios de fritura que fornecemos aqui são ideais para locais de fast food e eventos de catering.

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