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Disposable Products

In our online store you can purchase ideal single-use material when it comes to offering take-away food in restaurants, bars as well as catering and parties. Especially to commemorate celebrations, business meetings or specialized shows, we offer a wide variety of products that you will not have to wash or pick up afterwards. On our page you will find a wide variety of containers of synthetic fibers, plastics and other options perfect for mobility. Here you can, therefore, know our disposable products and disposable tablecloths and any accessories necessary for the hospitality and catering sector. Likewise, we offer single-use cardboard packaging.
  • Packaging
  • Cups
    When it comes to the context of an event, a catering service, or another special encounter of great amplitude, single-use cups or disposable cups will give your client the ideal and most practical option. In the breaks of congresses, symposia or events you will usually find them to serve coffee, juices or soft drinks, as well as water. These glasses, therefore, are essential and must be adapted to any situation, so we offer disposable paper cups, single-use plastic cups, thermal cups for hot drinks such as chocolate or coffee. Likewise you may be interested in buying wholesale disposable office glasses.
  • Poly-lined paper tubs
    <p>Parchment paper cups are those accessories that serve for the placement of sweets and biscuits, for cakes or cookies. This useful alternative of paper is special for a single use with which they become species of ideal containers to also offer sauces like ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise as well as others in fast food establishments. With them you can have all the material in your warehouse if you buy wholesale in materials of daily use and high demand. They are small paper containers in the form of a small cup for sauces and other food products.</p>
  • Tête à Tête
    To give a slightly more exclusive style to the presentation of your table, we make available the most practical paper table runners since they are for single use only. This type of tablecloth, for its great utility and demand we present it in a vast variety of models and even in rolls of paper so that you can renew them for a long period of time, it is a material that will not be a concern for you anymore. that is to avoid the extended cleaning time, you just have to remove it and throw it directly. We offer different colors of table runners and paper tablecloths for your restaurant and catering company.
  • Autoadhesive labels
    In the commerce and business sector we supply all types of single-use material such as versatile self-adhesive labels that will adapt to everything you need. This type of labels are usually the most indicated when it comes to identifying bottles of different shapes such as cylindrical or with flat sides giving you all the practicality you are looking for without sacrificing in aesthetics. As these labels will be useful, we also advise you to buy them in rolls of easy storage and in which you can integrate any logo in the case of your business or hotel and / or catering company.
  • Confectionery
    For the transport and mobility of all your pastry confections we offer you all kinds of disposable or single-use pastry packaging, do not hesitate to search our store for everything to take your desserts, offer to take away or package your customers what they choose from your counter, from pieces of cakes, tarts, chocolate, muffins, muffins and other delicately crafted sweets to bakery and pastries, biscuits, croissants, palm trees, donuts, sandwiches, flutes, Danish and more. You can also find capsules and small paper accessories that serve for smaller sweets as well as paper to put under the whole pies, fritters, donuts and more.
  • Doilies
    The presentation of your table is part of the quality of your service, therefore, we offer tablecloths and paper tablecloths with lace that we offer that point of aesthetics that your presentation needs. The paper towels for catering and tables will help you complete the decoration in the context of an event, for example, such as pastry, bakery and pastries, among the most usual cases. This type of doilies can often be used as a tablecloth for cakes, croissants, cookies, danish, palm trees and other sweets as well as for cheeses, canapés and other pica-pica options.
  • Greaseproof Wrapping Paper
    The greaseproof paper to wrap your food either in the form of hamburger, sandwich, porta fries, porta churros, pizzas, fast food container for snacks and more is in this catalog for purchase. We have all the greaseproof paper available in different sizes and formats that you need for your deli, fish shop, and also for bakeries and bakeries. Wrapping food in greaseproof paper is the best way to maintain its quality without affecting flavors or freshness. Here we also offer you all the accessories related as a roll holder so that it does not occupy the essential space of your kitchen or catering business.
  • Cardboard Packaging
    <p>In its catering or hospitality business, disposable cardboard containers or single-use carton packs have a daily role. When it comes to take-away packaging, pizza boxes, hot dog take-away cartons or take-away pizza slices, you can purchase in large quantities what you need in our specialized category. Most of our food cartons are perfect for any type of business because whether you have to offer it fresh out of the oven, to eat instantly and also to take home, we supply all the cases that require it in snacks, hamburgers, as well as in another type of business that is not fast food.</p>
  • Entertainment for children
    The toys will not be necessary for the children that their parents take to their restaurant or commercial establishment, we provide disposable materials and one perfect use to entertain the little ones and not hinder the daily activities within your business. Know in this category all the options that we offer when it comes to entertaining the children while they wait for the food, for example, when they get bored without their toys or something that catches their attention. Learn about our entertainment options for children such as pencils, cardboard boxes, coloring books and more.
  • Plastic bags
    Plastic bags are one of the essential materials in any business catering and restaurant, its use extends to all areas of daily work from maintenance to the service for the public and takeaway. In the case of plastic bags for maintenance it is resistant tools to collect waste and leftovers, throw away garbage and related uses. We also have another type of plastic bags to close food vacuum, packing objects and even for storage. Finally a type of bags for cooking, supermarket, self-closing, with seal and accessories.
  • SOS paper bags
    SOS bags are versatile, resistant and adapt to almost any type of business. Above all, it is a type of bag that is ideal for trade, retail and even in sectors such as fashion. In our catalog you can see that we offer nice designs and sober as well as innovative ideas such as bags with translucent windows to let you see the interior. SOS bags are easily recognized by their customary design of angular base, either in a rectangular or square shape that gives stability to stand, and handles with laces of different materials.
  • Microwaveable containers
    If you want to offer your customers the best way to bring their food or food prepared and in the same container can heat it in your microwave, we offer all kinds of trays, injected bowls, chicken packaging, containers with lid, rectangular, round, tubs for sauces and much more. Microwave packages are the ideal option when it comes to providing customers and diners with the best option when it comes to catering service. Know all the options of sealed containers with microwave closure that we offer here.
  • Coasters
    Our catalog contains single-use coasters or disposable coasters ideal for the hospitality and catering sector. You will find more than what you are used to seeing and buying, we offer different designs, materials and colors, from round or square cardboard coasters to other materials that are much more resistant and durable. In addition, we take into account that differentiating factor that your bar, restaurant or food establishment needs in general to create a unique experience within your clientele, do not forget that experience is the most important when it comes to this sector. Resistance under your glasses.
  • Wet wipes
    A differentiating factor in your restaurant, especially if it offers meats and fish, is the cellulose wet wipes for diners. At your table, the arrival of a wet wipe will give a different experience to your client giving you the assurance that you take into account their care. They are mostly used with aromas of which we can offer especially citrus and ingredients such as aloe vera so it does not damage your skin. In the same way it is a wet wipe that is able to remove the fat and eliminate the sticky feeling that may have remained on your fingers after a meal
  • Bibs
    Discover our variety of bibs for restaurants in this category; These are single-use bibs prepared for wholesale sale for any catering and catering business, as well as hospitality areas for which it may be necessary. In your food establishment you will have different options of disposable bibs to offer diners as well as adults, in the case of certain specific dishes in which the use of this material is required. We put at your disposal and service these bibs in different styles, generic, children but also sober and aesthetic that will not break with the experience of your restaurant.
  • Cocktail Stirrers
    In the context of a party, celebration or commemorative date, as well as within the single-use material for bars, restaurants and cocktail bars, removers for drinks as popular as mojito are essential. For this reason, with a great variety of colors, shapes and designs, we offer the drink agitators ideal for your cocktail business with rum, gin, whiskey, tequila. We have a great experience in satisfying our clients, so you can also bring this level of satisfaction to your bar or cocktail establishment. Certain drinks require an instrument such as the agitator to finish the presentation of the drink, as well as to achieve a good mix of the ingredients of a good cocktail.
  • Plastic Containers
    <p>They are resistant and very popular in the take-away sector, plastic containers will be your best alternative. Whether it is the simplest to the most sophisticated meals, offering the take-away dish requires that the packaging is resistant and does not spill, so we adapt to almost any type of dish with a broad catalog of all types of packaging plastic for food where you can put from rice and sauces to ice cream and sushi. In the case of sandwiches for example bikini type we also have a specific triangular plastic container. We offer bowls, plates, boxes, salad bowls and much more.</p>
  • FOAM Containers
    The foam material, as your establishment and your clientele will confirm, is one of the most practical, resistant and useful that you can offer. Not only is its weight negligible, but it does not transport heat or cold completely, which is why it is ideal in the case of foods whose temperature has to be taken into account at the time of putting it to take away. Also the containers of foam for food are usual in drinks, they are ideal in outdoor events, fairs where to use and throw is much more advisable and any catering service. Disposable polystyrene for food is perfect in containers with compartments, cups and tubs.
  • Paper bags
    Paper is an ideal material in a specific style of disposable bags, they show a very classic style especially in the field of the bakery and they are, in short, a sample of the most exquisite sobriety. In addition, it matches the traditional design that does not go out of style. The paper bags that we offer, in this sense, fits without impediment to your business horeca, either catering or catering, but also, if your business is the bakery, bakery and traditional ovens, nothing like a bag of paper to offer its customers the best possible experience.
  • Wooden and Bamboo
    A contemporary option of exquisite beauty is made up of bamboo articles and material in the restaurant and hospitality sector. What normally other businesses of this type decant through material manufactured in an industrial way in plastics or metals, you can establish a differentiating and organic factor with the same instruments made in bamboo wood. The experience changes in its entirety. Not only does it give a much more natural experience, but it also brings you closer to a current concept of valuing the biodegradable and not polluting the environment. We offer tweezers, toothpicks, bowls, trays and many more handmade products.
  • Ice-Cream Cones
    The cones for ice cream are those pieces of paper, folded cardboard or cardboard that usually come in different colors and sizes and that make a difference in your business, giving you a cohesive aesthetic while your customers enjoy in their ice cream parlor. If you need this material in your ice cream shop we can offer you a wide variety of models that adapt to different types of ice cream, cones of different sizes and ingredients, as well as the decoration of your restaurant. Choose any of our designs of ice cream paper cones and get directly into your business in bulk batches.
    The Feel Green design of kraft paper bags and other types of one-way packaging to carry, consists of the integration of two completely beneficial and positive trends for your business. From the manufacturing point of view, you can have a high quality product and resistant kraft felt green paper materials that will guarantee your customers that the bag does not break when carrying food. On the other hand, from the perspective of the design, it will have a careful aesthetics that will help the general experience that is generated when buying in your business, making the customer of Feel Green want to return to you.
  • Napkins
    Our online store puts at your disposal all kinds of disposable and single-use paper napkins for any business that needs it, from restaurants and bars to event companies and catering organizers in special celebrations. We offer a wide variety of designs of napkins, colors and manufacturing methods, which will adapt to any aesthetic that represents your business from soft that appear to be fabric and that give the impression of luxury napkins to recycled paper that take into account the ecology and the care of the environment.
  • Table mats
    Disposable or single-use placemats that you need for your catering business we have available in a wide variety of designs and colors, so you can choose that individual tablecloth that best suits your establishment. They are perfect for fast food restaurants and as tablecloths at events, fairs and other public places where any catering service is performed. We have a variety of paper, kraft paper, raffia, bamboo table linens, individual flexible table linens and much more, as well as related accessories such as dispensers and trays.
  • Tablecloths
    The single-use paper and plastic tablecloths for your food establishment are so practical and sturdy that they will save you time and space when it comes to cleaning and storage. This type of tablecloths are best suited to not let a possible spill chaotic tables but also a clean and hygienic presentation. We have as many models as you need for your business, from geometric shapes, variety of decoration, to classics and sober to adapt to any decoration. Meet our tablecloths, placemats and tweezers, tablecloth dispensers, recycled tablecloths and much more.
  • Decoration
    When it comes to ornamental clothing for your table and restaurant, as are single-use ornaments, we can provide you with the best products. We work every day to add all that material, however detailed it may be in the decoration of your tables and dishes. In addition, you will find our ideal decorations to serve skewers as we include in our category of products snack flags, canapés sticks, pinchos and montaditos, for which we apply our efforts, their dishes, the presentation of your table and the aesthetics of your meals It is one of our priorities to take care of.
  • Straws
    We have straws of different designs, colors and shapes at your disposal, styles so varied that you can choose one that, for sure, will adapt precisely to your business. For drinks of all kinds that can range from the most basic, such as water, juices or soft drinks, the straws that you can buy in our store could be adapted to an exclusive cocktail bar, or on the other hand, it is not only designed for one type of public but for all. In this sense you can also find straws for children that are basic in every birthday party, end of course, parks or fast food restaurants.
  • Disposable Cutlery
    The most practical alternative when you have limited time and, therefore, is not part of your business the washing of cutlery, are disposable or covered single use. In this particular type of object we can offer you a wide variety of cutlery or cutlery packs separately as disposable spoons, knives and forks. In any event, as well as in the organization of catering services, food fairs, parties in the village, festivals, and celebrations ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated, we offer disposable cutlery for any occasion.
  • Plates and Dinner service
    We have a wide variety of disposable tableware for your catering and catering business, the ideal and easy to use and store models that will save you time and space. Surely you can only imagine the types of plates and disposable tableware used without distinctive colors, we can offer this and much more, with original elements that not only adapt to your business but also to give a distinctive touch of aesthetics to make it more pleasant the experience from the point of view of its clients. The tableware that we offer also includes models of recycled materials that respect the environment.
  • Catering
    In the world of catering, the trays play a special role, since their design must be practical, functional and resistant with a very aesthetic and clean appearance. In this category we offer perfect catering trays for any event you have planned or for which you have been hired. At party celebrations, our single-use catering trays will stand out for their resistance when it comes to transporting snacks, weddings, business parties, company anniversaries and more. Discover the designs that we offer, many of trays with lid and folding cardboard or plastic.
  • Take away trays
    Diners go, diners come, and their take-out trays keep making the cut when it comes to offering the transportation capacity for their meals. All catering establishments that offer meals that should preferably be kept separate from each other, although they are part of the same dish (as in the case of the companions to the main course) and have the possibility of providing food to take away, need trays to carry single use that are resistant and that, in turn, generate the best customer experience. That's why here we have a wide variety of disposable take-away trays that adapt to your needs.
  • Deluxe trays
    When it is not just about being functional but we want to offer an exclusive and more careful experience to our guests, or customers, in the case of bakeries and pastry shops, we want to offer luxury trays for a single use. With these luxury trays you will give another type of service, more careful and exclusive, change the perception with simple details while still offering a material with the same utility and practicality. The luxury trays come in metallic colors like gold or silver or, in another order of ideas, they have modern designs and details that add something of superior beauty to your catering service, presentation at the table or wrapping to take away.
  • Mini Dishes - Appetizers
    As well as the aesthetics, the physical experience of the contact with the kitchenware material in the catering conforms the quality of the service that you can offer in your business. We have to offer all kinds of kitchenware for catering such as mini plates, plastic containers for snacks, tapas, snacks and all kinds of canapés and snacks. Especially for events we also offer accessories such as chopsticks for skewers, mini plates for fried foods, sushi, dry fried tastings, or cocktail parties, certainly, catering is a broad horizon that we cover for you. If you need material for snacks, look here.
  • Aluminium and Cling film
    For your restaurant, bar, food truck or, in short, any food establishment, we offer you a great variety of disposable aluminum containers of great resistance as well as all the accessories that are usually needed to accompany such container containers as they are the covers , compartments, and more. This type of aluminum single use containers are often used to transport slices of meat with lots of juice or calçots but also in other contexts as dissimilar as pastry and pastries. Obviously, these are aluminum disposable containers with an almost infinite versatility, from fast food to the most elaborate ones.
  • Compostable containers
  • Tarrinas para helados
  • Wood
  • Bionic
  • Wrapped products

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